About Us


Our mission is to develop the art of floral design, further the ideas of conservation, increase the knowledge of horticulture and photography and to support community educational project partners Fern Hollow Nature Center and Pittsburgh Botanic Gardens.

We are united by a love of gardening and committed to implementing the objectives of our Club and the Garden Club of America. To encourage an interest in gardens and gardening, to further the knowledge and preservation of our native flora, and to work to prevent our natural resources from being destroyed or exploited.

The Village Garden Club was founded in 1927, is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, and is the only garden club in the Sewickley Valley that is affiliated with the Garden Club of America (GCA). GCA is an organization with over 200 member clubs in 40 states and the District of Columbia, and has 18,000 club members.  Our members enjoy the advantages of association by means of educational meetings, conferences and publications.

As a member of the  Sewickley Civic Garden Council  we support local beautification and educational projects through garden tours and the local Spring Market fundraisers.

A long and rich history

Founded: October 11, 1927
Joined GCA: November, 1961

“With the object of arousing and stimulating an interest in gardens and gardening, fourteen women organized The Garden Club of Sewickley Valley in 1927, increasing its membership to fifty and changing its name to The Village Garden Club of Sewickley (Village) by 1929.

1977, Past Presidents Celebrating the 50th Anniversary

Village was a founding member of the Federation of Garden Clubs of Pennsylvania (1930, resigning in 1967); a charter member of the Pittsburgh Garden Center (1935); a member club of The Garden Club of America (1961); and involved in the creation of The Sewickley Council of Garden Clubs (1965).

Throughout its nine-decade history, Village has cultivated community projects to conserve and beautify the environment. In the 1930s and 40s, efforts were directed to practical and patriotic themes: strip mining, stream pollution, forestry protection, highway and billboard zoning, planting of “Victory Gardens” in local distressed areas, and contributing to a pine grove in Palestine and the Peace Garden on the Canadian Border. 


We’ve expanded with environmental experiments to benefit local parks, invasive weed wrangles and native plant propagation. Members enjoy local photo history walks, documenting historic gardens and sharing floral design techniques with children at the Sewickley public library.

Your donation to the Village Garden Club will support community educational projects. We thank you for your generosity. When you support VGC, you help us continue to teach sustainability, conservation of resources, care for our community through projects for children and adults. Donate today.

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